Price: $3000 - Group Discounts Available

ONTARIO BLACK BEAR HUNTS We hunt on 3 Bear Management Areas covering over 3000 sq. km. This enables us to harvest some of the biggest Black Bears year after year! The average bear is 200-300 lbs. but 300-500 lbs are possible. Our bear hunting season in Ontario runs from August 15th thru September 30th in the Fall and May 14th thru June 15th in the Spring.


$6000 to $8500

NEW MEXICO ELK HUNTS Our rifle and archery elk hunts take place in unit #12 and our trophy muzzleloader hunts take place in unit #15. We have over 10 Ranches centered around the town of Fence Lake, New Mexico. With the Private Ranch Landowner Tag you will be able to hunt all of our ranches just not one. You also will not need to apply for a tag with the state which is only a 10 percent draw opportunity anyways. This is a guaranteed tag so you can plan your hunt now and not wonder whether your going to hit the lottery.

Offering Big Game Hunts Throughout North America

Horseshoe Hill Outfitters offers world class hunts in Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Mexico, and Ontario. We take pride in our ability to put hunters on trophy class animals in all of our locations. Horseshoe Hill Outfitters has provided hunters with thousands of successful kills, many rewriting the record books! Our hunters come back year after year to bag that huge trophy animal. Our goal is to help you find the hunt that is perfect for you. To find out more information about each location and species, please view our hunt pages.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us today. 



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